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8 Oct

A couple of months ago my mother sent me an email with an excerpt from a book she was reading.

At the time, it wasn’t something that I needed emotionally so I sort skimmed through the email and soon forgot about it.

Ironically about a week later, I got hit with an immense amount of crap (figuratively speaking of course). I began searching frantically for help spiritually because as you might know, I have a hard time admitting (and showing) what I am feeling. I’m way to passive aggressive. Asking for help from anyone is a big deal for me.

Thankfully, I started skimming through my inbox and found the email my mother sent me….

“On the other hand, I have found that when I am in an emotionally vulnerable place, or even if I’m just physically tired, I have to be careful to make sure I am not around people who like to complain or be critical. We must discern and  interacts with people who speak from a place off negativity or unbelief. Normally I will minister to them, but I will not give them access to my life.
 When I’m lacking strength, however I will intentionally avoid them. It may not sound very compassionate, but I am the only one who is responsible for keeping my heart free from doubt and judgment. I alone can recognize when I am vulnerable to the influence of people who agree with these spirits. The powerful effect of peoples personalities and values are given as a warning by Solomon when he says, “Do not associate with a  man given to anger; or go with a hot tempered man, or you will learn his ways and find a snare for yourself: Proverbs 22
Not all ungodly counsel comes for the ungodly. While many mean well, they lack the faith perspective that I strive for and tend to work to make me more like them than they do to actually try to help me become stronger in my trust in God. My job is to protect myself from such an influence, especially when I am vulnerable. My heart is a garden. Some people are good at planting weeds, while others plant the kingdom.. My job and your is to know the difference. -Bill Johnson. Strengthen yourself in the Lord.”
“Do not associate with a man given to anger; or go with a hot tempered man, or you will learn his ways and find a snare for yourself: Proverbs 22….
I hope that if you are frantically searching for help related to what is mentioned above, that you take it to heart. I read it over and over again, especially when it becomes one of those days….

Tiramisu: A Gift From God

2 Feb

If heaven had a taste, what would it taste like?

Ice cream? Cotton candy? Dark chocolate?

Actually, I have come to the conclusion that tiramisu is what heaven tastes like. And anyone who has eaten it before, they would agree.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m going to write down the obvious question you all have. What is tiramisu?

Tiramisu is a cool, refreshing Italian dessert that leaves an indelible impression on you.

Think of a very light chocolate pudding. Very light. No, you’ve got to think lighter than that. Think more in the lines of mocha-flavored whipped cream.

Now add in a little bit of body. Not heaviness, but substance — you know, the kind of fullness that rich foods feel like in your mouth. Except that it doesn’t taste rich, and it doesn’t stay in your mouth long enough to become dreamy.

Then, imagine this light almost-like-mocha-flavored-whipped-cream concoction on lady finger pastry (cake) soaked with strong espresso coffee. Got that? Light, creamy, smooth lady fingers, the rich aroma of strong coffee?

When you have your first bite you get a hint of the liquor. Suddenly, you get a teeny explosion of chocolate on your tongue that disappears in a flash. Got all that? Good.

Yes. This is what heaven tastes like.

For all of those who have eaten this dessert before, all know that it is served in a cake like form. Square (or rectangular). But I found a recipe that makes individual tiramisu cups. If tiramisu wasn’t fancy enough, just put it in a glass cup.

Here is what your going to need

1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup sugar
8 ounces mascarpone cheese, room temperature
1/4 cup Marsala*
1 1/2 cups espresso or strong coffee
1/4 cup brandy or Frangelico
1 package lady fingers**
2 ounces of dark chocolate (I recommend Green & Blacks)
unsweetened cocoa powder for dusting tiramisu

(Notes: *Marsala is a cooking wine and you can even find it at Walmart. **Should be near the ice cream, bakery, or cookie aisle.)


1. Whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form. Add the sugar and whip a little bit longer until the sugar is thoroughly integrated. Scoop out about a cup or so of the whipped cream and set aside to use later to top the finished tiramisu.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk the mascarpone and Marsala together until smooth and creamy. Gently fold a third of the whipped cream into the mascarpone and Marsala mixture to lighten. Fold in the rest of the whipped cream in to combine.

3. Using a serrated knife, cut each ladyfinger in half.

4. Stir the espresso or coffee and the brandy together in a small bowl. Dip each ladyfinger half in the coffee-brandy mixture, making sure they aren’t in submerged for more than 5 seconds, otherwise they may dislove into mush.

5. Place two laydfinger halves into the bottom of the wine glass (or custard cup). Spoon over some of the mascarpone-cream to cover and then using a microplane, grate over some of the dark chocolate. Top with two more layers of coffee soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone-cream and grated chocolate.

6. Cover each glass with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight

To serve: Put a dollop of whipped cream on top and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

So what do you think?

Our Daily Bread

9 Jan

It’s Monday.

Most people dread this day because it ends their weekend.

They have to go back to school, work, or grocery shopping.

No more laying around the house relaxing.

But I love Mondays. A beginning of a new week. I get to start a new project or do something I didn’t do last week. Or if I didn’t do anything interesting the previous week….I can make the current week better.

And speaking of Mondays…

As originally promised, I have an excerpt for you guys.

A devotion I got from Our Daily Bread.


Bless the Interuptions

If your life is anything like mine, it’s pretty well planned out. I have a calendar that reminds me of appointments, meetings, and other “to-do” items. Inevitably, interruptions change my day dramatically; and while they can be frustrating, they also can be productive.

Some of the great advances in God’s plans have come through “interruptions” to the normal routine. Take Mary, for example. An angel interrupted her life with the announcement that she would have a son named Jesus. Since she was a virgin and engaged to be married, this news was undoubtedly shocking and deeply troubling (Luke 1:26-31). And Saul, the Jewish zealot who persecuted early Christians, was on his way to Damascus to arrest more followers of “the Way” when he was blinded by Jesus Himself (Acts 9:1-9). This life-changing interruption had huge implications for the future of Christianity.

The psalmist reminds us that the Lord can make “the plans of the peoples of no effect” (Ps. 33:10). Yet all too often we respond to the interruptions of our well-ordered lives with attitudes like frustration, irritation, fear, and doubt. God’s surprises in our day are full of opportunities. Let’s welcome them as a new “to-do list” from Him.

“Lord, if I’m feeling rushed today, I need Your eyes to help me see That when an interruption comes, It is an opportunity.” —Sper

Look for God’s purpose in your next interruption.

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