Spreading the Joy

3 Dec

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday.

The eggnog, the crazy family, lights, trees, snow, hot cocoa….December is such an amazing month.

But despite the exterior of Christmas, my favorite part….the love and joy that is spread.

It is an opportunity for everyone to do good…and everyone tries because of the “Christmas spirit”. Helping out…trying to feel better after participating in Black Friday….

Volunteering is one of my passions.

Helping others.

Spreading kindness, joy, and love.

What feeling could be greater?

So if you are searching for volunteer ideas this holiday…here are some ideas….(I gotta give credit to blog.volunteerspot.com)

1. Adopt-A-Family, satisfying a family’s needs (through a wishlist).

2. Gift Box for the Homeless, taking a bag or box, put food, clothing, and blankets inside…find some homeless people and warm them up inside and out.

3. Secret Santa Christmas Letters.

4. Feed the Hungry, Go to your local soup kitchen and do some serious socializing with those less fortunate.

….This list could go on and on….and if you are out of ideas….Google search it! or better yet….just go out there and do something.

Happy Holidays!


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