Apple Pie Cupcakes

10 Oct

Fun Fact: Making cute, yummy cupcakes is one of my many skills.

Obviously baking in general is a skill of mine…but I love making cupcakes.

I find a great recipe, crank up my tunes, and make each cupcake as perfect as possible (of course with lots of love).

Its one of my ways to escape and relax…

And because my mom’s birthday is coming up…I always start thinking and practice my baking skills…so she gets the best sweet gift. I make her cake (cupcakes) every year.

This one I won’t make for her this year…but I still think it’s rocking.


12 cupcakes (you pick the flavor and make them like the recipe says)

16 oz can white frosting (or make your own)

3 drops yellow food coloring

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

Red m&m’s


After you bake your cupcakes (I suggest a fall flavor like pumpkin spice), take the white frosting and add the food coloring and cocoa powder (make sure you stir it). Frost the cupcakes…but leave extra for later.

Take the red m&ms and put them nicely on the cupcakes.

Put your remaining frosting in a ziplock bag and cut of the corner. Lace the sides of the cupcake (pie crust). Then make a lattice pattern on top.

And voila!  You have just made apple pie cupcakes.



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