19 Sep

So taking a little break from everything in my life…I watched some celebrities on Stand Up 2 Cancer. What really interested me was the song that Taylor Swift sung, Ronan.

If you haven’t heard the song or the story…Taylor Swift read this mother’s blog about her 4 year old son passing away from cancer. And in typical Taylor Swift fashion, she wrote a song about it.


Oh my goodness. I was shedding a tear here and there.

It was really a good song written by her.

Then, because I love knowing everything about everything…I found the blog that inspired this song. Then I found the post…the post about the day little Ronan died.

I swear. If you decide to read it…you will use a whole box of tissues.

The only other things I have to say are

1. Due to the immense sadness of the post and the song…I bet Hollywood will make a movie out of it. Why? Because Hollywood always does.

2. I just want to say that cancer sucks and I feel for not just Ronan and his family…but for every person out there dealing with cancer (whether it be themselves, a family member, or a friend).


One Response to “Ronan”

  1. Bread Heads 10/16/2012 at 6:32 am #

    Sure…it’s only 630 am…tears this early? Good song…i thought she only did breakup songs…Cancer sucks…

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