College Move-In Day

9 Sep

On August 30th I moved into the dorms at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For those of you wondering why I haven’t made a post in two weeks, that is the reason.

Now, I am going to school for elementary education. That’s right. I want to be a teacher. And due to the fact that I am a freshman in college, I just had to choose the dorms.

But choosing the dorms had a downside….there was hardly any information on what to expect on move-in day or your first week for that matter. And I am one of those people that has to research the crap out of anything that I’m about to do…just so I can be prepared.

I had no idea what to expect.

So for those people who want more information on move-in day (for this school or in general) that is what this post is going to be dedicated to today:

My assigned move-in time was 1:30pm. So my mother and I drove downtown to the school where I had to get out and get my room key, while she parked in the garage below the dorms.

One of the four halls on campus.

Once I got my key inside (which was really easy), I met up with my mom and we loaded all of my things into a cart.

Now, when I heard they were going to be supplying carts, I thought of big, metal ones. Like the ones at home depot.

I was not expecting smaller, yellow, wooden carts.

The move-in carts (not mine).

So after we stuffed all of my things onto two carts…we took the elevator to my floor and found my room.

Now the rooms at UWM are more like suites. There are three bedrooms and a bathroom connected to a small hallway. The three rooms are usually arranged as two doubles and a single. Or a triple, double, and a single.

I have a double. And I actually share a suite with the R.A. which I actually do enjoy because there is so much traffic in and out of our suite.

Anyway, we rearranged my bed (which I lofted) and started unpacking when my mom left. My roommate was late so I finished unpacking before she even arrived.

I met with my other suite mates and we all decided to hang in our rooms the first night, just to feel more at home.

And although my roommate’s side of the room is barren (which is okay by me)…mine is a bit more enthusiastic.

And this room has a huge window stretching from one side to the other. My suitemate’s room is not so lucky…they have the smallest window in the world (but they have a better view than I do).

After my first night at the dorms I really didn’t know what to do. One of my suitemates went back home for the weekend and that sparked my idea of doing the same thing. I got back to the dorms Monday night (labor day).

I do need to point out that there were things to do on campus. Most of the stuff started around noon and ended an midnight. There is a month of “Fall Welcome” activities so I wasn’t bothered by the fact that I missed two days of it.

School started the next day and for that whole week I did great. I never got lost and I got only a small amount of homework (which I should be doing right now).

For food, they have quite a few choices. The cafeteria in the hall, the Palm Gardens (late night dining), and the array of food choices at the Union (which is like a mall food court). I do need to point out that the cafeteria food is half off for all students. I ate at the union and payed $10 for a salad and a drink. I payed $5 for a salad, fruit, and a drink at the cafeteria. So if you want to save money…you know where to go.

All in all, move in was super easy and the campus is small enough so its hard to get lost (this does not count for finding the actual classroom…finding the building is easy).


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