Unbelievable Older Celebrities

28 Aug

Although hard to admit, most of us are addicted to following celebrities (online or in magazines). All of those articles and pictures are hard to not glance at. But recently I read an article telling me the age of John Stamos. I could believe his age until I saw his picture….

Mr. John Stamos here is 44 years old….not to shabby compared to some 44 year old men.

His age and good looks got me thinking about other celebrities who look great for their age (or even better).

Salma Hayek here is 45 years old.


Carmen Electra…40 years old…


Sandra Bullock is….48. Personally I think that is awesome…almost 50 and she doesn’t even look it.


Sure he has gray hair…but could you guess Morgan Freeman is 75 years old?


Jane Fonda, I guess is mid-50’s or 60’s….she is actually 74.


Mr. Dustin Hoffman is another actor who is in the same age group as Jane Fonda…74.

Isn’t is crazy? Al Pacino is 70, Anthony Hopkins is 73….(although I didn’t put pictures up…the shock value is the same).

Now when asked “How do you do it?”, all of them had similar responses.

-Eat healthy

– Junk food in moderation

-Relieve stress


Think of any other celebrities?




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