Gift for a Best Friend

27 Aug

Shopping for a best friend can be challenging at times. My best friend has more clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry than one can count. And a best friend gift has to be personal.

The Letter

To make the perfect best friend gift, write a heartfelt, one-page letter. Make sure to add in when you met and any funny stories. Afterward, make sure you type it and print it on a sheet of paper.

Take a paintbrush, cup of coffee, hairdryer, and your freshly printed letter and begin the fun part. Brush an even layer of coffee on the paper and blow dry it. Then do another layer…you can even leave droplets of coffee on the paper to create a better effect.

Big stains and little stains are okay.

After you dry it again, the paper should be a little wrinkled (that’s okay).

Then frame the freshly coffee-scented letter and give your your best friend….

This also works for any member of the family…husbands, wives, mothers, etc.

An example…some can be darker or more coffee spotted…it depends on how many layers you do.


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