Buddy Holly Glasses Were Not Always Cool

16 Aug

Thick-rimmed, black, dorky glasses are in style. Everywhere I go, I can find at least one person wearing them. Heck, I know people who wear them and they don’t even need glasses.

Unfortunatly this was not the case when I was growing up. If you wore glasses in my middle school, you automatically named “four eyes”. Too bad they couldn’t come up with something more original like “Sir Specs-A-Lot” “Clark Kent” or even “Mr. Doesn’t Use Contacts Because Doesn’t Like The Sensation Of Touching Own Eyeballs”.

Anyway, due to my desire to fit in, I also made myself believe glasses were uncool. Contacts were the big thing, as all my friends mentioned them during the school day. Because my friends had contact s, I wanted them.

I wanted them so bad that I would go up to people, people I didn’t even know and say “I have contacts”. I had serious problems growing up.

I wanted the attention so bad that I even tried to convince my teachers I wore contacts. So one day in english class (The only class I got an ‘A’ in) I came up with a grand plan. I would take the quiz that the teacher was about to hand out…but I would purposfully get all the answers wrong. I then plotted in my mind that when I got the quiz back, I would simply go up to my teacher and say “Can I retake the quiz, I got them wrong because I didn’t have my contacts in that day”.

I know, what the heck was I thinking? I must’ve had bubbles in my brain because my intellegice that day seemed to be below zero.

All in all, my plan failed. Two weeks later I got the quiz back, with a big, fat F planted on the top right hand corner. Underneath that awful grade, my teacher wrote “What happened Sam?”. It took me until then to realize how ridiculous my plan was and I didn’t ask to retake it.

Did I learn anything from that horrible moment in my life? I maintain a high amount of weirdness (think along the lines of Phoebe, from the show Friends). I don’t try to make everyone like me and I always try to answer questions on a quiz correctly.


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