Newspaper Wall Art

9 May

Four more days until Mother’s Day (not including today) and I bet some of you still don’t know what to make mom, if you have indeed decided to make something homemade.

Remember years back, I’m talking about like elementary school here. Remember how you would always bring home gifts for mom that you made in class? Some examples would be a noodle necklace, a family portrait, and a paper mache toilet paper doll? Mom got tons of gifts and although she said she loved all of them, most of the time (depending on your mother), the not-so-good artwork was eventually thrown away. Mom usually keeps the good stuff like a clay vase (which looks like an ashtray) or some sort of jewlery…and the occasional painting.

Well today, if you are good at do-it-yourself art projects, this will be a fun activity for you to try. If you are not good at art, you can either attempt this or wait for more ideas tomorrow.

Go grab the following:

-Tons of newspaper

-glue (elmers works fine but I recommend sturdy, clear stuff)


-small box (a shoe box works fine)

First I want to to take the box and paper mache it. Leave the lid off and don’t paper mache it. Paper mache the bottom and the sides, you can leave the inside of the box untouched if you desire. If you don’t know how to paper mache, go to and search “how to paper mache”. Let the box dry.

When your box is dry, it is time to get to the good part.

-Tear strips of newspaper into…well…strips.

-Twist the paper into swirly newspaper pieces.

-Now take a pencil and wrap the swirly newspaper around it like shown below.

Now afterwards, slide the roll of  swirly newspaper off the pencil.

Then put a nice size drop of glue onto the box. and make sure to put the swirly newspaper roll on it.

Take your paint brush and thinly cover the roll, enough to make to sturdy when dry but not too much where it has huge blobs of glue bits.

Repeat process. Make swirls, glue swirls on, cover swirls in glue.

The swirls do not have to be the same size. One can be the same size as a dime and another can be the same size as a gatorade cap. Your project, your choice.

Now do not be stingy with the glue. You don’t want mom to pick it up and have coils uncoiling or have them falling completely off.

Your final project should look like this…

But most people won’t have it look this great, so I added another picture of the average person’s project.

But don’t worry. If you mess it up, your mom will still say “Wow honey, that looks great”.

I wish you all the luck in the world on attempting this activity. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comment section.

*Some pictures taken from (the idea taken from a close friend).


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