What to get Mother for Mother’s Day

7 May

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and people are scrambling to get the perfect gift for their moms. Unfortunatly sometimes there are family members who are just plain awful at picking out gifts. So to help you fellow “bad gift-givers” out, I made a quick list of things not to give your mother this Sunday.

  1. Household cleaners. Or a book about “Keeping Your House Spotless”. All this tells your mom is that her house is a mess and she should really should “get on it”.
  2. Socks. Unless she has some feet or sock fetish, avoid these at all cost. This gift says “I don’t know anything about you and I’m really cheap”.
  3. Giving her the “Cooking for Dummies” book. Do I need to explain this one?

So if one of these three things was on your list, throw that list out and start with a new one. Heck, I’ll even help you out if you cannot decide what to get her.

  1. Her favorite flowers. And the key word here is “favorite”. If you get her roses and she prefers orchids, she won’t be mad but you would make her even happier if you got her the orchids.
  2. Bath related items. A fuzzy robe, slippers, bath salts, scrubs, candles. Get her one of these things or get all of them. And make sure that the house is quite on mother’s day for her to take a nice hot bath using one or all of the items you bought her.
  3. Homemade gifts. This should be number one because what mother doesn’t appreciate a nice homemade item. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a paper mache toilet paper roll. You can make bath scrub, fake flowers, jewlery, etc.. The ideas are endless.
  4. Cook and clean and behave. Scratch all other ideas. If you can pull this one off, awesome. But make sure you have a gift handy just in case this idea goes sour.

Now you have ideas on what not to get her and ideas on what to splurge on. And if you are looking to make a homemade gift or a home-cooked meal, all week I will be posting craft ideas and food ideas that almost any mother would love. So stay tuned if you need more ideas and if you already have something in mind…you should still stay tuned just in case I give you better ideas (but I’m sure she would love your idea…or maybe not).

Do you have a nightmare gift-giving story you’d like to share?


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