Don’t Tell a Lie.

30 Apr

Today is, no joke, Bugs Bunny Day.

Make that National Bugs Bunny Day.

Now I have no idea why someone would choose to make a day dedicated to a cartoon.

I mean, about 75 years ago today, Bugs Bunny made his first appearance on television.

I feel sorry for this world, because at the rate we are going, in 70 years we are going to have “National Robert Pattinson Day”. The day that the actor made his first appearance.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bugs Bunny. But I think we should be focused on more important “National Days.”

Because today is also National Honesty Day. Which is way more important than a cartoon.

Do you think you can do it today? Not tell a single lie? Or a fib? Heck, you can’t even tell your children that they will turn into Superman if they eat their veggies.

That’s right. Complete honesty.

But this isn’t just for you to tell the truth. You have to be accepting to others when they tell you the truth as well.

Because isn’t that why we lie in the first place? Because we are afraid of what others will do when we tell the truth? Because we are afraid of the reaction?

I think most of you can agree that lieing feels worse than telling the truth. But if this is the case…why do we continue to lie? What do we fear will happen by telling the truth?

A child is afraid of getting a smack on the butt or being grounded from television. But why are adults doing the same thing? We were taught at an early age that making a mistake is bad. Making mistakes even results in the occasional grounding as well. Now, as adults, we are afraid to make mistakes and when we do we are afraid to admit them because of what we have learned when we were younger.

Everyone knows that people make mistakes. So why do others judge so harshly when their friend, coworker, or relative makes a mistake?

That is today’s question. All day today you should strive to not tell a lie. And you should be open when someone tells you the truth.

Are you up for the challenge?


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