Death by Chocolate Mousse Pie

23 Apr

Over the weekend I really wanted to cook. I had that fire in me and I was ready to go.

So, after getting all of the ingredients, I made tacos and the best dessert in the world.

Now I know that every time I post a dessert recipe, I say it is the best. But I mean it this time.

The pie is amazing.

This pie is sweet, creamy, rich, chocolatey.

It makes every part of your body go “Wow!” and “Mmmmmm”.

It is indescribably decadent.

Go grab a pencil and a piece of paper (or just copy and paste this on microsoft word).


-1 pie pan, pre-made chocolate cookie crust (9 inches)

-4 cups heavy whipping cream

-12 oz. semi sweet chocolate chips (this is not the recipe to play it cheap…get the good stuff)

-1 tsp vanilla

-1/2 cup white sugar


-Take your blender (or food processor) and add chocolate chips and vanilla. Don’t blend anything up yet. Wait.

-Bring 1 cup of cream to boil. Pour into blender (while still hot). As soon as you do this, start the blender. Blend until creamy. It will look like pudding.

-Put into bowl and let cool.

-Using a kitchen aid mixer (because no one in their right mind would do it by hand), beat 2 cups cream with 1/4 cup of sugar. Beat at medium-high speed. At this point, you can paint your nails or wash dishes, the blending will take a while. When it is done, it will make stiff peaks.

-Fold into chocolate mix*. put into pie pan and place in fridge for 3-6 hours.

-Using your last cup of cream and a little less than 1/4 cup sugar, beat in kitchen aid. You are making whipped cream. Stop when peaks form and it is to your desired consistancy.

-Serve and enjoy.

*I left out about 1/3 of a cup, and used that for whipped cream as well.



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