Spring Cake

10 Apr

I’m going to be talking about Easter again, heck, I’m going to be talking about it all week.

I have so many things to explain…from dessert to arts and crafts.

But today is a special day.

You get to see my famous decorative cake.

For every birthday and almost every holiday, I make a cake and decorate it.

For my sister’s birthday, I made a butterfly cake. For my mother’s birthday, I made a princess castle (complete with chocolate towers). And for my dad’s birthday, I made a beach and a boat. The icing I made for the water, clear blue..thanks to corn starch.

So, I’m going to tell you how to make a cute little Easter cake. It can be used for summer or spring…or if you have someone who really loves gardening, you can make it year round.

Final Product

This is what you are aiming for. And here are the ingredients you are going to need.

-1 box cake mix

-grraham crackers, honey

-2 containers of white frosting

-Chocolate cookies

-food coloring

-grapes (attached to stems)

-Peeps (optional)

-small, chocolate bar pieces (or something that would make good stepping stones)

-semi-sweet chocolate morsals

-gummy worms

-smallĀ pretzel sticks

-icing bags with decorating tips (a star shaped one and a long flat one)

Now, remember that this is not only just a cake…this is an art project. You can use any ingredients you want to decorate it. The ingredients that are listed above, I used.

1. Make the cake mix and put in a 9 by 13 pan (follow the directions on the box). After you let it cool completly, the fun work begins.

2. Using a toothpick, lightly mark on the cake where you want everything to go. I made two flower sections on the edge with a path in the middle. Fill your icing bag, using the flat tip, with white icing. The flower gardens you are going to make, frost those areas. Do not put the white frosting where your path is going to be, that will be green.

3. After you dye frosting green, put it in an icing bag with the long tip and ice your desired areas. I iced in zig-zags and spirals to make it more dimential, then used a spoon to pull the icing up like grass.

4. Crush your chocolate cookies until you believe it looks like dirt. Place in a bowl and set aside. Dye your frosting any color you want, this will be used for the flowers. Using the star tip, make flowers on the white icing. (Put the tip to the white frosting, gently sqeeze the bag until icing comes out, lift).

5. Using the pretzel sticks, use them to border the flower beds. They should be placed in between where the green and white frosting touch. Proceed to sprinkle crushed cookies on white frosting. This will be the most time consuming part because you cannot get the flowers covered in dirt but you need to cover the white frosting completly. Patience is key.

6. After that is done, border the prezel sticks on the side to make the fence. Then take two graham crackers and gently brake each of them in half so they make squares. Take one, and drop one or two drops of water in the middle. Using a small knife, cut a hole. This will be the bird house. Take toothpicks and connect two of the graham crackers (used for the sides). Put on cake. Then take the front and back of the birdhouse and gently place them next to the sides. Cover with frosting, add a top, and let harden.

7. Place chocolate pieces on grass. Add gummy worms for detail. Add peeps.

8. Serve.



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