Overwhelming Effects of Easter

6 Apr

It’s Good Friday today and I am just overwhelming my brain with the knowledge of what I have to do this weekend.

First off, I have about 10 pounds of grapefruit (thanks, mom.) and I have no idea what to do with them all. You can only eat and juice and make smoothies so many times. So I need to find a recipe this weekend before they all go bad.

I also have leftover firm tofu. If I can’t find a good recipe for this as, I’m just going to make tofu chips. Yes, tofu chips actually taste pretty good, like flatbread meets egg.

Now, in the fridge, I also have kale. The only thing that I know how to make with it is kale chips. Again, if I don’t find a recipe for it…chips will be oozing out of my ears. Well, not really oozing..considering chips are solid, but you get the picture.

And just when you think that I could possibly have anything else to do cooking wise, you find out that I also have to make and decorate a cake that looks like a garden (which will be posted on Monday’s post). Fun, yet overwhelming. This cake has to be perfect. It is the only dessert we are eating for Easter.

If you add me helping me grandma make the main dish and sides…and dying eggs, and doing a suprise DIY project…I think it’s safe to say that I am not going to be bored this Easter.

And thinking of my fellow readers, I will not put any recipe up today…so you don’t have to be distracted from doing Easter things…and because I couldn’t add to the huge list of things to do (like finding a great recipe or project to put on here).

But no worries, next week will be filled with my kitchen adventures and disasters, because we alll know that I cannot cook one dish without an “uh-oh”.

So, I wish you all a happy Easter and I pray that you don’t have any disasters in the kitchen or with the family.

Good luck “And may the odds ever be in your favor”. (Sorry, I saw the Hunger Games this week and I just couldn’t resist).


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