How To Move Out in 5 Days

12 Mar

If anyone is wondering why I haven’t been consistant in my posts lately…I was helping my family move.

Every two years or so my family (consisting of 7 people) packs up and moves to a new house.

This would be my 13th move.


My dad is (was) in the army.

But this time, my dad gave us a week notice.

A week notice to find boxes, pack, clean, move, and unpack at the new house.


My mother and I were beyond stressed.

We had a few boxes left from the previous move but we had no idea where to get the other boxes.

We looked at Starbucks, grocery stores, and Barnes and Noble.

No boxes.


Now, I have to give you a tip if you want to find boxes instead of buy them.

Call the store managers ahead of time so they can save some boxes.

Why? Because they all recycle the boxes as soon as the shipments come in. Now I love how the companies are using “going green” in their stores but I hate that they have to do it when our family has to move. It is very inconvient.

When you find all your boxes (or buy big plastic storage bins), start packing room-by-room. And be sure to organize…unless you only have two days to pack. Then you are allowed to throw everything in boxes as fast as you can.

On moving day, get at least two strong men* (or use some mighty girl power) to move all the heavy stuff.

*Remind the men that if they drop your mattress on the muddy ground…you will have a huge fit and be super pissed off.

Unloading at the new house is easy. Just don’t drop anything.

When moving day is all done…go back to the house and clean it up. One room at a time.

If you have never cleaned the inside of your window or spot clean your walls…go get a warm cloth and start scrubbing.

After everything is done. Plop on the couch in your new house and pass out.


How many times have you moved in your lifetime?



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