Styles of Spring

5 Mar

Today we begin the countdown to spring.

Soon we will have rainy days, blossoming flowers, the smell of grass and mud, and we finally get to put away those horrible winter coats.

But what should we wear instead of those bulky coats?

Since fashion changes every season, how about we dive in to “What To Wear in Spring of 2012”.

-Every season (if you’ve noticed), designers have tried to bring back a certain decade of clothing. This year it’s the 1920’s and 1960’s. Beading, fringe, drop-waists, and head bands for the 1920’s. Don’t forget the penny loafers, geometric patterns, swing coats, short hemlines, and lace for the 1960’s.


The "flappers", 1920.

-Nude, pastel, metallic, orange, flamingo pink, and bold prints are the main color schemes that the 2012 trend is working around. I’m not really sure how metallic fits in to the trends, but then again…orange?

-Color blocking. One dress. At least three different colors.

Imagine adding orange and flamingo pink. Yikes!

-Add skinny belts, bright lipstick, and any length pearl necklace.

So with all of this style info, you have the choice of wearing the latest fashion, or creating your own. But I am sure you’ll look great no matter what.


What is your favorite and least favorite trend of this spring look?


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