Running. Hating It or Loving It.

23 Feb

I know everyone has their favorite exercise. I also know that everyone has their least favorite exercise.

My least favorite (and I think some will agree) is running.

Unless I am being chased by a rabid animal or trying to avoid being soaked by a garden hose, I do not like running.

I hate how out of breath I become. And yea, I am aware if you exercise, you will be out of breath. But when I run, it’s like asthma central. Sure, I admit, I am a little out of shape, but even when I was forced to run two miles in gym class two times a week…I still hated it.

This is how 99% of Americans feel after running

I mean, it’s boring. I put my music on and I try to enjoy it, but all I can think about is when it will be over. How do long-distance runners do it?

I’m usually a very patient person. I can take my time and everything is great. Except when I am exercising. I need to be doing something fast. Walking is out of the question. Too slow. Yoga is a waste of my time. I am somehow unable to close my mind and meditate. No way am I doing golf and water aerobics…ha.

I like to attempt fast paced, wind in your hair exercises.

Biking is my favorite. Why? See above statement.

Freestyle swimming is good. I mean, I’m no Michael Phelps and I couldn’t possibly stay in the water all day…but I do enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I cannot play any sport with a ball because I am a wussy. I flinch when it comes within a mile of me….That narrows how many activities I actually enjoys.

I would love to try boxing. I get my heart rate up and reduce stress by pretending to punch people who irritate me.

Comment question of the day…What is your favorite exercise?


One Response to “Running. Hating It or Loving It.”

  1. stayathometatte 02/23/2012 at 10:33 am #

    Cycling is most definitely my favourite form of exercise.

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