10 Cutest Animal Videos

31 Jan

I thought I was the only one who searched “funny videos” or “cute kittens” on youtube, when I really was supposed to be doing homework or cleaning the house.

I was wrong.

Do you know how many people search “funny animals” on youtube?

A lot. And not just women either. Men do the same thing (of course they only do it when no one is around because it might ruin their reputation by searching “cute bunnies”).

Well for your pleasure (and another excuse for me to watch adorable videos)…here are the Top Ten Cutest Animal Videos.


So I know this one has been shown on every news station in the world, but I figured it still deserved a spot on my list. I mean, who could resist? This kitten is so lazy, it takes a ride on a turtle? I wish my pets did cute stuff like that.


Okay? I still think the kitten riding turtle video is more cute than this one…but this video has a kinda funny, but cute vibe to it.


If you watch the whole thing…I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that that dog is a master of passive resistance.


Only one word to describe this video…. awwwwwww!


I think my brother fell asleep like this one time…The only question I have is…Was he so tired that he didn’t have the energy to lay down?


Again, I know this video has been shown everywhere in the whole entire world…but you have to admit, it is so cute (and a bit funny).


I think the only reason that dog is crying is because he is trying to take a nap and a baby keeps waking him up.


Who needs four legs when you have….THE POWER OF LIGHTNING!!!


I’m torn between saying “Awww so cute” and “OMG are they okay?”


I want a teddy bear like this one! Actually, this is Boo. He was voted the cutest dog in the world. Would you agree?


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