Recycled Paper Crafts

13 Jan

Remember when you were a little kid and took the empty toilet paper roll to play with? I amplified my voice with it, my brother used it as a telescope, and my mom used it to make snowmen and other characters.

Now that I’m older, I don’t use cardboard tubes for amusement anymore. I use them as jewelry.


That stuff you use to decorate an outfit.

And not just toilet paper tubes. I also use paper towel tubes and wrapping paper tubes. It’s amazing how much stuff you can make with a cardboard tube. For example, I found this idea in a party book I got a few years ago…

You need a wrapping paper tube, scissors (or a saw), a metal nail file, sturdy glue, varnish sealer (optional), and decorations such as ribbon, glitter, colorful stationary, lace, fabric, etc.

1. To start off, you need to cut a piece of carboard off the tube. Any size bigger than an inch works great. The tubes that we use are very thick and hard to cut (that is where the saw comes in handy).

2. After you have your cuff, try and put it on your wrist. If it doesn’t fit, cut out an opening so you can snap it on.

3. Take your cuff and file down the egdes until smooth.

4. Now you can decorate it. You can paint it or wrap fabric around it. You can take (or make) a fabric flower and glue it on. Or perhaps you want to glue some colorful print paper on.

5. After your done decorating, your going to need some sort of sealer on your new creation or it will be all mushy the next time you walk in the rain.

Made with black tape and a fabric flower

-Make sure the cardboard tube isn’t flimsy. It won’t work with something like a paper towel tube.

Besides that little tip….I guess there is nothing left to say except…What are you waiting for? Go make some recycled cardboard cuffs! :)



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