Giant Cupcake

11 Jan

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a Colossal Cupcake mold.

It was a three piece set, a bottom, top, and a filling insert. All made out of silicone.

For those of you who don’t know….I am an avid baker. Muffins, cakes, and cookies are my thing.

So when I saw this new gift I recieved, I was estatic! I mean what fun would that be to make and decorate a huge cupcake?

The only thing that worried me was the fact it was made out of silicone and the box came with a piece of paper that said “Mold needs a breaking in period. May have a slight odor the first few times of use.”


One of my favorite parts of baking, is the smell that comes out of the oven. So upon learning that it will stink up the house, I was a little sad…and worried. Because it was my first time using silicone, I was worried the smell might affect the taste.


After my first attempt, using the silicone cupcake pan, I fear that I will never use metal or glass pans again.

Yup. That’s right.

My favorite part about it was that it was easy to wash and the cake popped out of the mold very easily.

My least favorite part(s)…the smell of the silicone baking didn’t really smell good, but that should go away with more use. I also found that after filling it with batter, it gets very flimsy. I highly advise you to place it on a cookie sheet or your oven will be cake batter central.

Now I have to admit something. Everytime I bake something new, something goes wrong. Whether it be too-sweet frosting or a cake rising way over top and spilling all the contents in the oven. Because this was my first time making a giant cupcake, of course something went wrong.

The mold on the right it the top, the middle was the filling insert, and the left was the bottom.

It told me not to grease the two pans (the bottom and top), so I didn’t. It said to use the box cake mix, which I did (filling the molds like the directions said). The directions also said to cook it like the box said. It needed about 45 minutes.

They were wrong.

It takes about an hour and 20 minutes.

Now, the top mold is shaped like a cone so it cooks unevenly. I still haven’t figured out a solution for that.

When they were finally done, I popped the cake out of the bottome mold. Easy as pie. When I tried popping the cake out of the top mold, it stuck to the pan and I had a deformed cupcake top.

The top either cooked too much or just needed some non-stick spray.

I didn’t use the top mold when decorating. Instead I made tres leche cake with the top.

I decorated the bottom and it tasted great (and it looked pretty cool).

What the cupcake should look like with the top.

Overall, Colossal Cupcakes are cool and are approved by kids and adults. Sweet treats for all!!



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