Our Daily Bread

9 Jan

It’s Monday.

Most people dread this day because it ends their weekend.

They have to go back to school, work, or grocery shopping.

No more laying around the house relaxing.

But I love Mondays. A beginning of a new week. I get to start a new project or do something I didn’t do last week. Or if I didn’t do anything interesting the previous week….I can make the current week better.

And speaking of Mondays…

As originally promised, I have an excerpt for you guys.

A devotion I got from Our Daily Bread. www.odb.org


Bless the Interuptions

If your life is anything like mine, it’s pretty well planned out. I have a calendar that reminds me of appointments, meetings, and other “to-do” items. Inevitably, interruptions change my day dramatically; and while they can be frustrating, they also can be productive.

Some of the great advances in God’s plans have come through “interruptions” to the normal routine. Take Mary, for example. An angel interrupted her life with the announcement that she would have a son named Jesus. Since she was a virgin and engaged to be married, this news was undoubtedly shocking and deeply troubling (Luke 1:26-31). And Saul, the Jewish zealot who persecuted early Christians, was on his way to Damascus to arrest more followers of “the Way” when he was blinded by Jesus Himself (Acts 9:1-9). This life-changing interruption had huge implications for the future of Christianity.

The psalmist reminds us that the Lord can make “the plans of the peoples of no effect” (Ps. 33:10). Yet all too often we respond to the interruptions of our well-ordered lives with attitudes like frustration, irritation, fear, and doubt. God’s surprises in our day are full of opportunities. Let’s welcome them as a new “to-do list” from Him.

“Lord, if I’m feeling rushed today, I need Your eyes to help me see That when an interruption comes, It is an opportunity.” —Sper

Look for God’s purpose in your next interruption.


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