How to Raise Your IQ.

6 Jan

Spanish. French. German. Polish.

How many of you have taken a foreign language?

I know in middle school and high school, it’s pretty much a requirement…learning a new language. Heck, I can’t even get into the University of Wisconsin-Madison without at least two years of spanish or french.

Recently there has been a big debate (okay… a small debate) about what qualifies to be a foreign language.

For example, pig latin is considered a language game. If you know anything about pig latin, you probably would agree.

But how about Sign Language (ASL)? Is that considered a foreign language?

The answer is yes.

Sign language is a visual mode of communication. It is the 3rd most used language in the U.S. and the fourth most-used worldwide. People who sign combine precise hand movements, facial expressions, and body movements to express what they are trying to communicate.

So to further indulge in my ranting about how great sign language is…I present you with Top Ten.

Why You Should Learn Sign

1. To be able to communicate effectively with the Deaf and hard of hearing.

2. To have fun learning a new and exciting visual language.

3. To look great on a resume and to open doors for new employment opportunites.

4. To spur intellectual growth and raise IQ.

5. To open new avenues for friendships and relationships.

6. To improve self-confidence and enhance communication skills

7. To experience another avenue for expressing yourself artisically.

8. To broaden language acquisition in the early classroom.

9. To aquire the skill of nonverbal comunication, body language, and facial expressions.

10. To learn a new language that can satisfy high school or college modern and foreign language requirements.

–There. My reasons for taking ASL (American Sign Language). But I have a confession. I didn’t have the brain cells or the creativity to think of this list on my own. I took an exerpt from a new book I got…The Everything Sign Language Book. I cheated….but you got to admit, those are good reasons to start learning ASL.

So what are you waiting for? There is no excuse for not learning a new language, whether it be ASL or Welsh. Buy Rosseta Stone, get a book, or maybe a tutor. More doors open when you are fluent in a language.

“Ixnay on the upidstay.” (Pig Latin from The Lion King)


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