Look Before You Eat

21 Dec


Today I am feeling the effects of eating fast food for dinner.

I do have to say, I haven’t eaten in a place with a drive-thru for a while.

And now…I’m paying for it.

Headache, swollen fingers, stomach ache, and loss of appetite.

Yay for me…not.

I did some research on what I ate and what I actually consumed…ready for it?

680 calories. For one KFC chicken bowl.

31 grams of fat (from the gravy no doubt)

2,130 grams of sodium (that explains the headache and swollen fingers)

74 carbs

26 grams of protein

Okay. If I searched the nutritional facts before I ate this, I would not have touched it. Wow.

I don’t think I have consumed that much salt ever.

And after watching Food Inc. (a movie about where your food really comes from), my stomach feels even worse. Knowing where that chicken came from.


I did learn a few things from this unfortunate experience.

1. No matter how hungry you are, fast food is not the answer.

2. Look at the calories and fat before consuming the food.

3. Don’t eat this every single day.

Now I only ate this once, but that is more than enough time to realize not to eat it a lot. Of course that reminds me of the movie Super Size Me. Remember that one?

Man eats McDonald’s everyday = man gets fat and sick

No thanks.

I’ll stick to the homemade meals that my mother makes. Even though they sometimes taste bad…it’s better than fast food. (And mom, if you’re reading this…your food is amazing).

Time for Samantha to do a body cleanse today….

Have you ever eaten something that made you feel like crap?



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