There Is No Band In Aids.

1 Dec

Today I am not giving you guys a recipe or explaining the difference between yoga and qigong.


Because it’s World Aids Day and I am raising awareness.

Someone I know (who I will keep anonymous) once said to me, “Those fags deserve the disease (aids). They’re nasty. Doing it with each other is sick.”

When this person said this, it got me upset. How could someone judge others and say so many nasty things. It was only until later that I realized that this person was ignorant. Sure, what they said was wrong…but I don’t think they knew all the facts about aids. I don’t think a lot of people know a lot about aids.


Just to clear things up…

You cannot get HIV/AIDS from hugging, sharing clothes, or holding hands. Studies show that HIV cannot be contracted through touch, tears, sweat, and saliva. You can get it through infected blood, mother’s milk, and genital fluid.

You cannot get HIV/AIDS from mosquitoes.

HIV/AIDS did come from monkeys. Scientists believe HIV came from a chimpanzee in Africa. Humans probably came in contact with HIV when they hunted and ate infected animals.

On another note, gay people are not the only ones who have HIV/AIDS, nor are they the only ones spreading the disease. You can contract it by being unprotected, having a lot of partners, sharing needles (mostly for illegal drug use), an infected mother, blood transfusions, unclean tattoo needles,  and if someone with HIV/AIDS bites you.

So before you start judging someone who has HIV/AIDS, think of how they could have contracted it first. You can have an opinion, but saying a infected male is a nasty fag is rude and makes you look like a pig. That infected male could have gotten it from his mother and his mother could have been raped by someone infected. Or this male could have been raped himself and by you being so judgemental makes everything worse for him.

HIV/AIDS awareness is not a joke. Many who get infected are ignorant about how serious this is, are scared to get tested, or have no idea they might be a carrier.


As of this year, about 1.2 million people just in the U.S., have HIV/AIDS. 16,000 will die from the disease this year. 39.5 million people in the world are living with the disease, 37.2 million are adults. In 2006, 2.9 million people died of HIV/AIDS in the world.

6.000 people ages 15-24 become infected everyday. They account for half of all the new HIV infections worldwide.

So what can you do to fight the war against HIV/AIDS?

Raise awareness. If you think you can’t, I just raised awareness by writing this and you read it. All you have to do is tell at least one person what you know about HIV/AIDS.

Or you can get tested yourself, even if you are positive you don’t have anything. You raise awareness this way and you help beat this pandemic by getting tested.

If you want to help out in other ways, go to for more info.

You know the facts and you know that it can affect you. You are no longer ignorant of the situation.

Raise awareness everyday.



2 Responses to “There Is No Band In Aids.”

  1. Leopoldo Maxwell 12/20/2011 at 3:53 pm #

    some really great info , Sword lily I discovered this.

  2. John 12/01/2011 at 2:27 pm #

    Makes me want to get out there and do something! :)

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