Pass the Qigong

30 Nov


Most of us hate it.

I am one of them.

I tried running to stay in shape and let us just say I am not a runner.

Swimming, was my next choice. I learned that I hate doing laps. I think its boring and water gets on you and in you. I’ll leave the lap swimming to Michael Phelps.

I did find biking to be enjoyable but not stationary….and given I live in the midwest, I cannot bike in the winter and most of the spring.

Yoga didn’t challenge me as much (not to mention it was boring).

Be Intimidating

So do I have a lack of motivation and passion in things I do? No. I can be very passionate about a lot of things like politics, art, and movies. And I have plenty of motivation. I just prefer to be motivated doing schoolwork instead of excercise.

But I did find an exercise that I think I enjoy.

Or at least some consider it an excercise.

Others believe it to be “alternative medicine” or “meditative practice”. Kind like yoga…but different.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is my new “thing”.

I did a lot of research about thyroid disease and gluten allergies. Most of the websites I looked at was for western medicine. “Take this drug and your symptoms will go away” or “You will never be cured so learn to live with it” are common slogans for healthcare nowadays.

But I did find information on ancient chinese medicine. They talked about yin and yang and how if you body is unbalanced, you feel sick. How if you have acupuncture, herbal teas, and qigong, your yin and yang will balance out.

It sounds kinda weird right?

But the chinese are very healthy for the most part. And I’m no history buff, but I do know that ancient chinese medicine does work. They don’t believe in man-made drugs. What God gave them, they use. Since I’m already doing the herbal thing, I decided to try qigong.

Qi means air, breath of life, or vital energy of the body. Gong means self-discipline skill of working, cultivating, and balancing Qi. qigong is the use of intention, meditation, relaxation, physical movement and breathing exercises.

Energy is key

Do you think I’m nuts? For trying this excercise that sounds a lot like yoga? Actually qigong has been scientifically studied and has been proved to be cost-effective therapy. If you still think I’m nuts, the Department of Health and Human Services say that 70% of diseases are preventable. The problem is, no one knows how to do this, exept for ancient chinese medicine doctors.

Everyone focuses on losing the weight and building muscles. Qigong involves the regulation and regeneration of the entire body. That means every organ and system is getting excercise.

What is the difference between yoga and qigong? In yoga, the person tries to attain the state of bliss along with the health, whereas in qigong, the only composed body with a fresh mind is the desired goal.

Let me explain this a little more…

Yoga originated in India during the ancient times. When doing yoga, you are supposed to connect yourself with your inner soul, finding inner peace. Sitting or standing positions, meditation, slow rhythm, and positive thinking are the main building blocks in yoga. Remember watching Eat, Pray, Love? When she is in India, Julia Roberts isn’t doing yoga but she is practicing the meditation and positive thinking that relates with yoga.

In ancient China, samurai warriors and fighters needed something to calm their minds before and after fights. The found out that the body is a store house of energy. They used qigong to direct their energy and unleash it. In this excersise, you are guided to swing your body slowly and gently, just like you are in a slow motion dance. Qigong masters believe that energy moves in our body and if we could tap it, them health and strong body can be achieved.

So in other words you are calm and peaceful when doing yoga and when doing qigong you become energized and have a focused mind.

Alright. Enough with the history lesson. If you want to know more or you still don’t know the difference, ask me or google search it.

—->  <—–

That website is currently one that I am looking at. I think they want you to buy a product or something, but they do show examples of the exercise. There is even an eye exercise!

They do talk about spirituality and that is considered to be a part of qigong, you can be spiritual to whom whoever you worship (although I do recommend God).

May the force be with you. Adios. Goodbye   TTYL        Peace



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