There’s a Gluten Monster in My Closet!

28 Nov

Although he looks harmless, his cookies are dangerous

Homemade bread, apple pie, sugar cookies, pasta, and thanksgiving stuffing.

What do these foods have in common?

Yes, they are all somewhat unhealthy, sugary, and have a lot of carbs. One should not base their diet on these foods…

But looking closer in the ingredients you will find a base.

Gluten. An ingredient that is in almost every food. It’s pretty much just a fancy word for wheat.

I have overfilled my brain with information about gluten. I guess you could consider me as a walking gluten information dictionary (encyclopedia?).

So why my sudden urge to fill my head with both useful and useless material?

I am no longer eating gluten. Or at least I am trying not to.

That means no bakery and no pasta (among many other foods). There is a whole list of ingredients that I cannot have. More than half of the contents in Pick n’ Save I cannot consume.

I need to cook everything myself or buy stuff from O-U-T-P-O-S-T. If I say the actual word, my dad will flip because it is so expensive there. We found out the hard way that eating organic is expensive.

If you think I’m crazy for deciding to venture on this horrible task that will test my strength when everyone around me is eating the most delicious food, like chocolate chip cookies…and I am stuck eating a gluten-free cracker with carob, that resembles a cookie but ultimately does not deserve the name.

One word. Torture.

I don’t feel tortured when others eat peanut items because there is a possibility that it could kill me. But since I’m not going to die if I eat gluten, the temptation is there and I need to get over it.

Why my sudden gluten-free craze? No, I am not cutting it out of my diet because I feel like it. We believe that I have a gluten intolerance (or maybe Celiac disease). So for a couple of weeks I am doing this and seeing what the results are.

Yes, I could just get an allergy test. But a gluten allergy test requires blood drawn and sometimes even a throatscopy (I have no idea what it’s really called). I do not want more blood drawn and I really do not want a tube going down my throat, into my small intestines, and getting a chunk of it. No thanks.

I might have to do that anyway, but I am testing the waters with the gluten-free diet first. I have done so for about two weeks now, but every so often I would sneak a bite of  something yummy that has gluten in it. When thanksgiving came around, my gluten-free trial diet was thrown out the door. Mainly due to one culprit.


I don’t know about you, but stuffing is one of my favorite sides during thanksgiving. It completes your plate, which is already full of potatoes, cranberry sauce, turkey, and anything else that’s traditional in your family.

Today I am starting the official gluten-free diet. So my next few blogs will probably consist of new recipes and my complaining. I hate to say that I would complain, but wouldn’t you? Especially when your family isn’t doing it with you. So bare (bear?) with me and if I do end up complaining, I apologize in advance.

Anyone who wants to join me, feel free. It’s always easier with support. :)

Gluten free for….

13 hours, 36 minutes, 7 seconds…8 seconds…wait…10 seconds….13 seconds…well you get the idea.


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