My Little Flatbread “Patty”

26 Sep

Allison came home from school a complete mess today. Major temper tantrum. My mom tried yelling. Nathan tried to control her by telling her what to do (which made matters worse). I consoled her, which to some degree worked. But she was still upset and tired. So how should you make a 5 year old happy?


Ally loves to cook and that started me on a adventure…making flatbread.

Super Easy Flatbread Recipe

3 cups flour

1 cup uber cold water

3 tbsp oil (olive oil works best but if you only have vegtable oil..thats okay)

2 tsp baking powder

pinch o’ salt

2 garlic cloves, cut up fine

Now to start: Add everything together.

My little (upset) helper

Your going to want to stir it until it looks all dry…but not too crumbly. I made the mistake of letting it be just a little sticky (I’ll explain later).

It should look more crumbly than mine..not a great example.

Now after doing this, you can add other spices to it if you want. I added tyme to the first set and they tasted way better than the plainer ones. Totally up to you.

Now heat your pan on the stove to medium heat with a bit of oil in it.
Make a flatbread “patty” with your hands…or use a rolling pin if you want.
Yours might look nicer..but you get the idea.

You can make them about 1/2 inch thick, or thinner if you want. The size depends on what you want to use the flatbread for.

By the time you make your flatbread “patties”, your pan should be heated up. Put as many as you can fit onto the pan, but make sure they have a little wiggle room. I was able to put four on.
As you can see, mine look a bit sticky and deformed.

Now, they are supposed to cook for about 5 minutes on each side on medium heat. I noticed that they sucked in a lot of oil and they were a bit too dry for mine and Allison’s liking. We added a little oil when we flipped them.

We flipped them a little too soon.

After they were all done, we found some intersting results…

I didn’t finish cooking 3 of them and they were very doughy.
One of my hairs got stuck in my mom’s piece…but we always find hair in the food she makes so I can call it even.
We didn’t have anything to go with it so they tasted a bit dry..but the garlic flavor was amazing. Next time, I’m making them bigger and flatter so we then can attempt gyros…lamb or beef still to be determined.
Ally sure enjoys it…

Even though we didn’t make all of them amazing…I am still proud considering it was the first time making them. Everyone ate them; except for Jon and Dad, but those who did eat them liked them a lot. Hopefully you will like them too…with some hummus


One Response to “My Little Flatbread “Patty””

  1. Jamie 09/28/2011 at 9:32 pm #

    i like this…very nice

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