No Variety

26 Sep

Ahhh. The sweet satisfaction of creating a unique blog.

Of course I have started many blogs…some including family updates, read a lot of books in a really short amount of time. For some reason I never could stick with it. But I think I figured out the problem…

I created a specific blog about one specific thing. There was no variety and like the very few followers I had, I got bored. But this time its going to be different.

I’ll update you on the family (and our dog Max).

You can join me in a new art project like knitting a scarf, which I have yet to finish.

Take a peek at the latest recipe I used…all of the family’s comments included.

And since I am homeschooled..some advice and a look into my schooling (for those homeschool families).

…So do you think I will make this my weekly new thing?

Hopefully I can keep this going for a while…so don’t start any bets yet.


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